Killing Program Access and Broadband Competition


Another Friday filing by the FCC: 146 pages on program access.It’s a classic on-the-one-hand-on-the-other item. This time around it’s even worse for the public, because the underlying competitive reality of the wires that run to American homes is being hidden, in two ways: First, the entire discussion is focused on the market for pay-TV, because [...]

Killing the copper and income inequality


A hundred years ago, America decided that everyone was entitled to an affordable telephone line. Now some Americans (thanks to muni bright spots and other efforts) are making the upgrade to a fiber-to-the-home connection – the new global standard, the replacement for a standard general-purpose telephone line. But the policies that supported “universal” (all Americans) [...]

A User’s Guide to the Video Wars

Stephen Combs/Flickr

Over the next year or so, there will be skirmishes in Congress about video regulations.  On the surface, they may sound technical – men wearing ties will bandy about terms like “compulsory license” and “local-into-local” – and it will be very easy to ignore the whole thing. But there are giants moving on the face [...]

Google fiber – “experiencing awesome things together”

The advent of the commercial Internet in 1995 was a big deal, a major transformative shift. Now we’re going through another, quite different, but equally enormous shift: Fiber. Asian and Northern European countries are upgrading to fiber connectivity. One strand of fiber has thousands of times more bandwidth capacity than any of the last generation [...]

The Cable Monopoly: Very Short Summary of 185 Pages

Imagine you’re a consumer sitting in your living room. You like sports. You like high-speed Internet access; in fact, you’ve gotten completely fed up with your DSL connection because it’s so awful and you’ve seen how much better a truly high-speed wire would be. So you’re interested in some kind of bundle that includes TV [...]

AT&T plan: Bigger and Better (for AT&T)

AT&T has now joined Verizon in announcing a shared data plan for wireless users. This is the moment that the two companies solidify their already crushing set of advantages over T-Mobile and Sprint. Result: AT&T and Verizon can continue to reap the rewards of their existing market power, without needing to expand their services. That’s [...]