The Future of the Internet Hangs in the Balance

Oct. 30, 2015–Susan joins NPR’s John Hockenberry on The Takeaway to discuss the release of Freedom House’s annual Internet Freedom Report. “The future contours of the internet are definitely up for grabs,” says Crawford. “There’s this choice we’re facing—whether we’re going to have this network that provides humans with choices, opportunities, and self determination, or whether China and [...]

The Women Who Won Net Neutrality

Sept. 22, 2015–Marvin Ammori, for Slate Magazine, highlights the women who fought for and won net neutrality. Susan Crawford is commended for her leadership in the public debate. 

Marketplace Tech: NSA and AT&T

August 18, 2015–AT&T is helping the NSA spy on Internet traffic.

NYT Room for Debate: TV or Not TV?

May 5, 2015–Susan responds to the most recent Room for Debate question about the federal plan to buy local airwaves and sell them to telecom companies. “You can’t have a wireless connection without a wire somewhere nearby, and only fiber can handle the tsunami of data we use.” 

Marketplace Tech: Cable Giants Call Off Merger

April 24, 2015–Listen to the news segment here.  “All that scale would give Comcast enormous discretion over what reaches Americans, what Americans pay, information flows, customer service—really unlimited power,” says Susan Crawford is co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

NYT: Comcast’s Sunken Deal

April 23, 2015–The New York Times describes the downfall of Comcast’s bid to acquire Time Warner, and Susan explains President Obama’s role in stopping the cable giant’s bid for its rival.