Facts about US Internet access

If you ever want to understand just how powerful the cable distribution giants in America are, just listen to former TCI CEO John Malone. In 2011, he said “cable is basically a monopoly now.”  He said he was sorry that he had sold his TCI systems to AT&T. And he also said that the threat [...]

The Facts

This past week, the U.S. Conference of Mayors (“The Voice of America’s Mayors in Washington, DC”) gathered in Philadelphia for a summit on innovation. Philadelphia is Comcast Country; as the late Senator Arlen Specter said at a hearing in 2010 about the Comcast-NBCU merger, the tower of Comcast’s headquarters “distinguishes the Philadelphia skyline.” (Sen. Specter [...]

Susan Crawford to Anchor the Washington Update at ALA Annual Conference

April 9, 2013 Susan Crawford, telecommunications policy expert and former White House official, will share insights about national technology policy and implications for the library community at the 2013 American Library Association Annual Conference. Crawford will address conference attendees during the Washington Update session from 8:30 – 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 29, 2013, in [...]

Blog for Iowa

  Who Will Be President Obama’s Next FCC Chairperson? April 9, 2013 | Author Trish Nelson Julius Genachowski is resigning as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.  He probably did the best he could during his tenure, considering the shark  environment in Washington, but he just wasn’t up to resisting corporate pressure as much as media [...]

Goodreads Giveaway: Captive Audience


Goodreads Giveaway: Captive Audience It seems that Americans are constantly lamenting the power of the Internet, worrying that it has completely taken over the United States’ economy, markets, and psyche. They embrace the idea of disconnecting and getting outdoors, away from the screens and keyboards. This mentality stems from the luxury of access: Americans take for granted [...]

Susan Speaks about Hurricane Sandy on WNYCNews

3/12/13- After Sandy, A Bumpy Transition from Copper to Fiber Phone Lines- WNYC News   Shortly after the storm, Verizon announced it would replace copper with fiber-optic cable. But months later, fiber hasn’t reached everyone, and many businesses and residents are still without basic communications services.    

First Steps to Open Gov – getting your ducts in a row

(Feb. 13, 2013) As city leaders focus on making their administrations more innovative, efficient, transparent, open to outside expertise, and better at service delivery, they’re going to need cheaper and continually-higher-capacity, high-speed Internet access. And their communities are going to need the same thing.  

Killing Program Access and Broadband Competition


Another Friday filing by the FCC: 146 pages on program access.It’s a classic on-the-one-hand-on-the-other item. This time around it’s even worse for the public, because the underlying competitive reality of the wires that run to American homes is being hidden, in two ways: First, the entire discussion is focused on the market for pay-TV, because [...]

Killing the copper and income inequality


A hundred years ago, America decided that everyone was entitled to an affordable telephone line. Now some Americans (thanks to muni bright spots and other efforts) are making the upgrade to a fiber-to-the-home connection – the new global standard, the replacement for a standard general-purpose telephone line. But the policies that supported “universal” (all Americans) [...]

A User’s Guide to the Video Wars

Stephen Combs/Flickr

Over the next year or so, there will be skirmishes in Congress about video regulations.  On the surface, they may sound technical – men wearing ties will bandy about terms like “compulsory license” and “local-into-local” – and it will be very easy to ignore the whole thing. But there are giants moving on the face [...]