OneCommunity Broadband Hero Awardee, Susan Crawford

August 22 – Campus Technology’s Mary Grush references the influence of visionary leaders, like our very own Susan Crawford, on the landscape of broadband’s future.

“Susan Crawford is one such leader. Crawford, who is being recognized with the inaugural OneCommunity Broadband Hero Award on September 18, 2013, is an outspoken advocate for broadband equality and for the kind of leadership that promotes better use of broadband technology to achieve community goals. Crawford, a professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, is a visionary who will point out the gaps many of us don’t notice, though they surround us:

‘Imagine a world in which the capacity to communicate electronically is unlimited, everywhere, inexpensive, and available all the time. Imagine seeing the people in your life whenever you both want to, in a way that makes them feel present to you even though they’re not actually there. Imagine being able to get a world-class education, visit a medical specialist, or collaborate on an enormous work project across seamless, effortless communications links. That’s the world of fiber; thin glass rods, narrower than human hairs, spanning countries and connecting directly into houses, lit from within by pulsing lights and carrying unlimited amounts of information. And that’s the world Americans aren’t in…'”

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