Responsive City


From the Jacket:

Urban government in the United States today is at a critical juncture. Never before over the last century has there been such a need to change the way city hall works. And never has there been such an opportunity to do it.” – From the Introduction

Local and state governments are increasingly called on to solve real problems for their constituents and deliver critical services using limited resources. Yet the way in which local governments typically operate has created a wide gap between citizens’ expectations and results. The emergence and widespread adoption of new technologies among citizens and government has created a sea change as these new tools empower municipal leadership to explore new opportunities to help the public sector break out of its hierarchical and rule-driven structures and reinvent itself.

The Responsive City: Engaging Communities Through Data-Smart Governance highlights the promising intersection of government and data through vivid case studies featuring municipal pioneers and big data success stories from Boston, Chicago, New York, and more. This is the ultimate resource for public officials, government staff, and civic leaders to understand how to leverage new technologies and data platforms to fulfill the promise of effective and efficient local government.



“In these pages, Goldsmith and Crawford expertly chronicle the now-global movement to improve governance through technology. Chicago embraced that movement early to become the leader in effectively leveraging data to meet the demand for a more responsive city.” – Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago


“Steve Goldsmith and Susan Crawford offer a fascinating report from the frontier of innovation in government with the engaging stories of citizens working to replace the bureaucratic systems of the past with effective and accountable government for the twenty-first century.” –Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives


“Focusing on outcomes for (and with) the public instead of compliance with rigid procedures is the hard work of local government in the twenty-first century. Goldsmith and Crawford show the way with real-world examples and an infectious optimism. This book matters to everyone who cares not just about city hall but about trust and faith in government in the modern era.” –Jennifer Pahlka, founder and executive director, Code for America; former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer



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