Supernova 2008

This is the first time I’ve been able to attend Supernova, and it seems like a fine conference. It’s all being made available online:

Conversation Hub:

Live video stream:

IRC Chat:

In a back-and-forth this afternoon between David Morin of Facebook and Kevin Marks of Google, Morin said that FB had “turned off” Google’s Friend Connect application because it was a violation of FB’s Terms of Service. Morin also said that that FB wants to make sure that privacy settings applied to FB data travel with that data, even if those settings change. When asked by Marks how the Friend Connect service violated the TOS precisely, Morin declined to respond. The violation was “a legal matter,” he said, and “our representatives are talking.”
Also, this afternoon, Joi Ito made clear that he thinks of Creative Commons as a standard, like TCP/IP. And Chris Sacca of Google made clear that the thing to worry about is the physical infrastructure layer and the control that gatekeepers (increasingly, wireless companies) have – and that we’re asleep at the wheel.
A good day.

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