A User’s Guide to the Video Wars

Stephen Combs/Flickr

Over the next year or so, there will be skirmishes in Congress about video regulations.  On the surface, they may sound technical – men wearing ties will bandy about terms like “compulsory license” and “local-into-local” – and it will be very easy to ignore the whole thing. But there are giants moving on the face [...]

Planning for the future

I’m a Comcast internet access customer, and I don’t have a television here in Ann Arbor.  There, I’ve said it.  I remember thinking when other people used to say they didn’t have televisions that they were just being sanctimonious cranks.  I swear I’m not being a sanctimonious crank. With a good internet connection, and a [...]

Why regulate cable internet access

The cable guys have their way of saying it::  “What do you want to do, nationalize our businesses?” Another way of seeing this issue is::  We have a very few very large providers of highspeed internet access in this country.  They have sufficient market power to decide how and when to prioritize internet communications.  And [...]

Three developments

1. More passive content from network providers. Comcast announced that it’s going to be providing 3,000 high-definition video-on-demand programs for subscribers to its highspeed Internet access services. “Comcast is the largest purchaser of TV content and now we are bringing that content over to the Internet” [Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, at CES today] Comcast is [...]

Comcast and “network management”

EFF‘s recent report on the Comcast Affair [pdf] is worth paying attention to. It’s a thoughtful and easy-to-understand exploration of Comcast’s injection of “reset” packets into online communications. (I wrote briefly about this here.) EFF is also letting us know how we can see packet spoofing for ourselves – here. There are three myths that [...]

The Auction, the Cops, and Comcast

The 700 MHz auction is just ahead. Bidders will soon be filing their applications, and the auction itself is supposed to start by Jan. 24. This is the big event for telecommunications policy in the U.S. One recent online story says that “it’s almost like the powers-that-be decided to auction off the land in the [...]